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Why is “The Victorious” potentially the most life changing Reality TV Shows in the Arab World

September 15, 2015 at 7:43 am



If you live in the Gulf, you’ve probably heard of The Victorious, but if you live in the United Arab Emirates, it’s impossible not to or not to be about it.

The Victorious is a TV program created by two ambitious young minds, each coming from a completely different background. One is a family oriented young entrepreneur with brilliant ideas who comes from one of UAE’s most respected families who run successful businesses, and has a passion for football that I’ve seen only few people have. His partner is a former professional football player that made history for the national team of Libya and for Arab football players in  European Football.

The idea of the show is giving young amateur football players the chance to achieve their dream, the chance of meeting their idols, winning the show and a considerable cash prize, and having the chance of singing with one of Europe’s top football teams.

The winner of the first season, Al Watanee, has eventually signed with Spain’s football club Celta Vigo and since then has gained the respect of the Arab football world and the club he plays for.

Now, Season 2, The Victorious has attempted during castings finding young football players from Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from the United Arab Emirates.

The reason this particular show has slowly become the most life changing reality TV show in the Arab World is simple: young talents from all social classes with some coming from extremely poor backgrounds are working hard to follow their dream in becoming world class players, and inspiring others to do the same. Now imagine coming from a country where the last decade has not been the best, politically or economy-wise, where young people can’t fit in their passions and hopes into building a future and all they want is better life for themselves and their families. Imagine their experience of going through the castings and making it in to the last 40 players of The Victorious boot camp; Imagine them passing the tests and being part of the last 20 contestants for the prime episodes. Imagine their experience of meeting personalities that have changed the face of the game and wrote history for the beautiful game of football, like Luis Figo, Alessandro Del Piero, Edgar Davids, Michel Salgado, Michael Ballack, Thierry Henry and Javier Zanetti. Imagine their experience being judged based on skills and potential by these famous players OR titans. Their life has changed completely. Even if they don’t win the show, the fact that they have made it in to the last 20 gives them the chance of becoming a professional football player, being scouted by a team and signed immediately. It’s up to them to give everything they’ve got.

Now, what goes behind the scenes is a lot of work, a lot of hustle, good days and bad days, but in the end what matters is the success of the show. The success of one player is our success as a team and if we can help change their life and be rewarded through the number of fans that watch the show and appreciate our work, we are more than happy, that keeps us going.

The Victorious is a life changing talent show, that can potentially make room for names that will also be part of the future history of this game, brings youngsters from different countries and creates a group, a team, a unity.

Behind the screen, we are also a team. We respect each other and value each other’s opinions and advice, and what we hope to achieve is success. Our success is gained from our contestants’ success. Our passion comes from the foundation of what football really is. And what we hope to achieve is bringing a bit of sunshine in the contestants’ lives and their families’ lives.

We are offering viewers the opportunity of watching the players’ progress driven by passion one step at the time, and witness how hard work and discipline changes ones’ destiny

Watch the show on Dubai TV and Dubai Sport TV, every Monday from 22:30 and be part of The Victorious team.

Be Victorious!

Reasons why I’m fed up of Instagram and Facebook

August 31, 2015 at 10:02 am

If you’re using Instagram and Facebook, and you’re active on both, there are a few reasons why people might hate you. If you’re one of those that find themselves in the below points, then you have a problem. A bunch of people are fed up of your posts.

1. Food
These days I see more food on IG and Fb than I see in my own damn fridge. I don’t need to see you freaking breakfast, blended juice or damn burger. What the f@ck is so impressive about that. Ok, one post or two, I’m ok with that, but when you post every single fucking day a caption with your plate and hashtag “nomnom”. Also, no offence, but instead of posting foodstagram pictures, maybe you can go and work out a bit. You know, do some push ups.

2. Cats
I hate cats. If you love cats, I’m ok with that. But posting memes and pictures with your disgusting ass licking cats and dogs on a daily basis makes you bit loco. You can definitely go and do a tryout for “The Crazy Cat Lady” in The Simpson. Screw your cats!

3. Mirror selfies
Wow, you have a mirror? wow.

4. Belly pictures.
Thanks for showing me your belly everyday after the gym. Why don’t you show me the belly after you eat 3 cheeseburgers on your cheat day? I get it, you’re into sports, that great! You and the rest of everybody that’s into weight lifting, yoga, pilates and so on.

5. Legs.
Lying down, standing, legs at the beach. Fuck your legs. And your cat.

6. Lips.
Fuck your lips too.

7.Fingernails and nail spa.
Red, blue, designed or not, I get it, you need to show us on a daily basis your nails. Why? Oh God please stop it!

8. Self portraits – selfies
I get it when you take different kind of selfies. But your face looks exactly the same in all of them!!! Same angle, same smile, even the same dirty teeth. You’re trying to be sexy and you do the exact opposite. Mysterious is sexy, being smart is sexy, not your push up bra smaller than your number torturing your tities. Stop it, you look stupid!

I’m done.

Social Media – The Good and The Cyber Danger

August 6, 2015 at 7:36 am

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Social media websites have taken control over our lives. We are addicted to checking our phones regularly, almost every few minutes, we’re sending emails and video text from the smartphones, we’re using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype, Google Plus, Youtube, Vimeo, Socialcam, Liveleak, Badoo, Tinder, Foursquare, Swarm. We’re signing in to websites using our Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts. We’re tagging or getting tagged, we’re checking in or checking out. We’re using the online social media tools for marketing purposes, to promote our businesses or to promote ourselves, to sell or purchase. We’re addicted, we’re hooked, and even if you say you aren’t one of those trapped by these facts, you’re lying to yourself. You, me, everybody is hooked to social media.

It’s hard to even imagine that 10 years ago there was no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We had HI5, the really young ones that are reading this don’t even know what HI5 was. We had Mirc (remember “asl pls”?)

12-15 years ago people were actually waiting to hear from each other because email wasn’t that common. Best case scenario we were sending SMS texts, but that was it.

How did social media actually influenced our life and the society in general? From my personal point of view it has had a positive impact. And let me tell you why.

1. Easy communication.

With social media evolving, we, the people, spread our wings and flew to different territories. Using social media not only keeps you in contact with your friends from different countries, but with your family also. We can contact anyone around the world, at any time, with just a click. It is free, unlike calling across the ocean, and live. We can also share elements of our life, from what we enjoy to photos of ourselves and those in our lives. It is like being a part of that person’s world, even though distance keeps you apart.

2. We’re connected and interconnected.

Social media has made us closer to other parts of the world. We know what’s happening in Iraq, US, Ukraine, Tibet and so on. We’re protesting online and not once social media made people go out on the streets and protest against different political or economical facts that have happened. It’s easy to look at Greece and Ukraine, and you’ll understand what I’m trying to say.

3. Marketing for Business purposes.

Customers can now tell brands exactly what they want. Businesses can then use that information to tailor their products of more appeal. They used to have to spend a ton of cash for this kind of marketing data. Customers used to have to spend hours on phones getting more and more frustrated when they had a problem or complaint.

4. Knowledge and Politics

Social media has made it possible for like minded individuals to discuss important topics, widen their personal knowledge and discover things they never knew before. For example, young people around the world are now more involved than ever in their country’s politics. The last presidential elections in the US are proof of that. Social media has contributed to that increase in a big way.

5. Cost Effective

Non-profits are seeing the benefits of using social media for their awareness campaigns. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others are a cost effective means of spreading the word and getting support. Not to mention socially shared petitions from sites like Causes.org, reaching hundreds of thousands of people.

But is Social Media all about milk and honey? No, there are a lot of bad things that social media has created. The addiction. Seeing people at a coffee shop texting and checking their phones constantly instead of communicating and talking is something everybody can relate, right? It shows a serious problem with distraction in today’s society. We can’t enjoy the world the way we used too, without retreating back into that safe little device.

Social Media has also created many broken relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that social media platforms are to blame for this, but it’s a tool used by some cause it’s easier to cheat on their partners. Then are the internet stalkers and cyber bullies that caused some tragic events, like online suicide, depressions, pedophiles stalking young girls. By doing constant check-ins, the stalkers know where and when the person they might want to kidnap is and with who. And that’s a real danger.

In conclusion, I think social media is somehow balanced between the good and the bad. There are many good things but also many bad things that social media brought into our lives. In the end, everything used too much or too little, is bad, whether is drinking, eating or socializing. If you can keep you head san in reality, and use social media as a small part of it, that should be fine. If not, …..well, then I think it’s time to shut down your phone, your laptop, your iPad and go live in the mountains for a few weeks for rehab purposes.

That being said, I think I need to visit the mountains.