Reasons why I’m fed up of Instagram and Facebook

August 31, 2015 at 10:02 am

If you’re using Instagram and Facebook, and you’re active on both, there are a few reasons why people might hate you. If you’re one of those that find themselves in the below points, then you have a problem. A bunch of people are fed up of your posts.

1. Food
These days I see more food on IG and Fb than I see in my own damn fridge. I don’t need to see you freaking breakfast, blended juice or damn burger. What the f@ck is so impressive about that. Ok, one post or two, I’m ok with that, but when you post every single fucking day a caption with your plate and hashtag “nomnom”. Also, no offence, but instead of posting foodstagram pictures, maybe you can go and work out a bit. You know, do some push ups.

2. Cats
I hate cats. If you love cats, I’m ok with that. But posting memes and pictures with your disgusting ass licking cats and dogs on a daily basis makes you bit loco. You can definitely go and do a tryout for “The Crazy Cat Lady” in The Simpson. Screw your cats!

3. Mirror selfies
Wow, you have a mirror? wow.

4. Belly pictures.
Thanks for showing me your belly everyday after the gym. Why don’t you show me the belly after you eat 3 cheeseburgers on your cheat day? I get it, you’re into sports, that great! You and the rest of everybody that’s into weight lifting, yoga, pilates and so on.

5. Legs.
Lying down, standing, legs at the beach. Fuck your legs. And your cat.

6. Lips.
Fuck your lips too.

7.Fingernails and nail spa.
Red, blue, designed or not, I get it, you need to show us on a daily basis your nails. Why? Oh God please stop it!

8. Self portraits – selfies
I get it when you take different kind of selfies. But your face looks exactly the same in all of them!!! Same angle, same smile, even the same dirty teeth. You’re trying to be sexy and you do the exact opposite. Mysterious is sexy, being smart is sexy, not your push up bra smaller than your number torturing your tities. Stop it, you look stupid!

I’m done.